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The skills you need for the results you want


“Where should I put my napkin at the end of a meal?”

“What is the difference between business casual, corporate casual, and smart casual, and how do I dress appropriately for each?”

“How do I get my child to behave properly when we go out for dinner?”

The Hong Kong Institute of Etiquette provides answers to all your etiquette questions so that you can:

▪  Focus on closing the deal in your business meeting without worrying about table manners

▪  Make a lasting favorable first impression during your presentation to a room of strangers

▪  Relax every time you take your child out in public, knowing they will behave politely

The Hong Kong Institute of Etiquette prepares you to successfully maneuver a variety of situations with confidence, charm, and leadership, so you can be a cut above the rest.    We equip you with the soft skills you need to get the results you want.

The Hong Kong Institute of Etiquette is the leading etiquette training provider in the Hong Kong area.  We provide courses to adults and children, for business and social settings.  Take a look at our CORPORATE, SOCIAL, or CHILDREN tabs to find out more information in the area that interests you, or click here to contact us.

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